Order Cancellations

Order cancellation fees apply to all cancelled orders based on multiple factors as outlined below. Once payment is received, immediate processing of your order begins, and payment is immediately forwarded to the respective manufacturer to ensure timely delivery of all orders placed. If in the interim a customer is desirous of cancelling a order, a usual fee of 10% is applied to all standard cancellations and the difference is reimbursed to the consumer. Once a product ships, it cannot be cancelled and would fall under the class of RETURNS.


Returned Orders

Returned order fees vary by product and size and usually carry a 20% fee due to cancellation and re-stocking charges. This charge is exclusive of all shipping and insurance costs associated with the return. Not all items are allowed for returns and exclusions may apply to selected items that may be considered ineligible. This discretion is based on the policies of each manufacturer in conjunction with the reason(s) for the desired return.